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Additional Resources

Educational Programs

  • The Centre for Neuroscience in Education, University of Cambridge
  • Depart of Education, Dartmouth
  • Mind, Brain & Education, Harvard University
  • Westminister Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University
  • Mind, Brain & Education at Johns Hopkins
  • Mind, Brain & Education at the University of Texas, Arlington


  1. “The Brain: Our Universe Within” A four-hour, three-tape set from the Discovery Channel. Cost is $52.00. Available from:
    Discovery Channel School / Discovery Communications Inc
    PO Box 6027
    Florence KY 41022
    (888) 892-3484
    Fax: (859) 727-8918
  2. An online free video course on Neuroscience and Education   -
  3. “The Brain and Learning” A four-tape video series with 174-page facilitator’s guide, handout and overhead masters, and workshop activities. ASCD. Call 1-800-933-2723.
  4. TED talk by Sebastian Seung on the Connectome -


  1. “Mind, Memory, and Learning,” a 6-tape set of a two-day workshop by Pat Wolfe (2000) is available from National Cassette Services, 1-800-541-0551. Cost is $69.00.
  2. “The Brain, the Mind, and the Classroom,” a 2-tape set from ASCD, contains interviews with neuroscientists, practitioners, and educational consultants who present brain research to teachers. Stock #296282N73. Cost is $34.95 for ASCD members. Call 1-800-933-2723.
  3. “Translating Brain Research into Educational Practice,” an audio-recording of a 3-part live satellite telecast presented by Pat Wolfe in early 1997. Three 90-minute tapes available from ASCD – Stock # 297154N73. Cost is $39.95 for ASCD members. Note: Tape 2 contains a 45-minute segment of Dr. Marian Diamond describing her research on enriched environments. Call 1-800-933-2723.

Curriculum Resources

  1. “History Alive!” History and Social Studies curriculum for grades 7 through 12. Available from Teachers’ Curriculum Institute. Call 1-800-497-6138 for prices and workshop information.
  2. “Mapping the World by Heart” An innovative middle school geography program that teaches students to draw, entirely from memory, detailed world maps which include all features of over 180 countries. Tom Snyder Productions. Cost is $59.95. Call 1-800-342-0236. Workshops and keynote presentation, “Maps, Lies, and Dreams,” also available. Call David Smith at 1-800-244-9988.
  3. “Learning About Learning,” a study unit that allows middle school students to investigate the brain and the topic of learning from several different perspectives. A GEMS Guide available from the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-5200 or call (510) 642-7771

 Resources for Students with Disabilities

College Resources for Students with Disabilities:

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