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Articles About The Brain

You will note that some of the articles listed are from Brain in the News (monthly) and Brain Works (every other month). The Dana Foundation will mail you free copies of Brain in the News if you send an email to them (  BrainWork (after the Summer, 2009 issue) can be read on line at Cerebrum is a journal published by the same organization and can also be read online .  Brain Briefings is a monthly publication of the Society for Neuroscience.  A free subscription (and copies of past issues) is available at Articles older than five years are generally removed each year.

Master List of Articles From the Internet and Science Magazines

ADHD and Chemicals

ADHD Misdiagnosed

ADHD and Computer Game

ADHD Hand Movements

ADHD Backlash –

Adolescents and Violence -

Adolescents, Alcohol, Marijuana

Adolescent’s Sleep Deprivation

Adolescents and IQ -

Adolescents and Sleep –

Adolescent Brain and Maturity

Adolescent Brain TED

Adolescents and Courts ––+Top+Health%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

Adolescents (college Age) Giedd Research

ADHD – Genetic Basis –

ADHD, Overdiagnosis? –  Scientific American Mind – May/June, 2013

Aging Brains More Shrewd

Aging-control System – Scientific American – January, 2012

Alcoholism & Dopamine

Alcohol – Genetic Predisposition

Alcohol – Binge Drinking -

Alzheimer’s – New Drug Working

Alzheimer’s – Early Detection

Alzheimer’s – Potential New Drug

Alzheimer’s and Vascular Problems

Alzheimers and Nerve Growth Factor -


Astrocytes –

Autism and Missing Protein at Synapse –

Autism and Mental Retardation

Autism Gene

Autism Treatment

Autism Reason for Increase

Autistics’ Difficulty Reading Faces

Autism Diagnosis

Autism Game Helps w/ Recognizing Emotions

Autism Cause?

Autism and Mirror Neurons

Autism – Drug Treatment? –

Autism’s Hidden Potential-

Autism and Mirror Neurons

Autism Strengths

Autism – Increase in Diagnosis  -

Autism – Some Children Losing Diagnosis -–+Top+Health%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

Autism – Vaccine ––+Top+Health%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

Autism and Gut Bacteria ––+Top+Health%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

Basal Ganglia Description –

Bilinguals Learn 3rd Language Easier

Bilingual Baby Brains –

Brain Fitness

Brain Connections – photos

Bilingualism Delays Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain – How it Discards Waste – Scientific American – March, 2016

Brain, Stone Age Scientific American – April, 2016

Bilingual Babies –

Bilingualism in the Early Developing Brain -

Bilingualism Improved Hearing and Attention

Circadian Rhythms and Glial Cells

Cocaine Addiction & Dopamine

Cocktail Party Effect Explained – and Academic Performance –

Deep Brain Stimulation and Learning

Dopamine –

Dyslexia –

Early Brain Development – Romanian Orphans –

Ectasy and Brain Changes

Eplipsy & Genes

Epilepsy Explained

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise & School Achievement -

FAS – low alcohol consumption –


Fetal Alcohal Syndrom-

Fetal Environment –

Glial Cells Role in Learning –

Growing up Digital

Handedness and Language Disorders

How the Brain NavigatesScientific American – January, 2016

Hemispheres – “Right Brain” Debunked -

Infant Brain, The Power 0f - Scientific American – February, 2016

Language Mapped in the Brain –

Learning by Active Recall

Learning, The Science of Better LearningScientific American – August, 2011

Left-handedness –

Marijuana and Memory

Marijuana -

Marijuana and Phychosis – http:/

Marijuana Affects the Brain –

Marijuana and Visual Processing -

Marijuana Use and Auto Accidents -

Marijuana and Memory

Marijuana and Adolescent Brain-

Marijuana and the Teen Brain –

Marijuana and the Brain -

Marijuana – Casual Use –

Memory and Stem Cell Formation -

Memories, How Erased -

Migraines & Magnetic Stimulation

Migranes Eased with Technology –

Migraines and Cognition

Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons in Conversations

Music Boosts Language Skills

Music, Brain, Education –

Music and Working Memory

Music and Learning

Music and Learning

Music and Mirror Neurons


Music a Form of Brain Training

Music-Advantages –

Neurobiology of Learning -

Neuron Communication

Neuroplasticity and Culture - How Different Cultures Shape the Brain – Sharon Begley –

OCD and Tourette’s Treatment

Pain Relief Through Distraction -

Placenta and Brain Growth - Scientific American  Feb, 2012 –

Premotor Cortex

Psychotropic Medication of Young Children –

Puzzle Play & Math Skills

Sleep – Special issue covering many aspects of sleep

Sleep (Napping)

Sleep and Physical Activity –

Sleep and Napping

Sleep and Decision Making

Sleep and Athletic Performance

Sleep –  Scientific America Cover Story – October, 2015

Social Behavior and Genes 

Stroke Recovery

Technology in the Classroom

Tourette’s Syndrome – Society for Neuroscience

Transcranial Stimulation Boosts Learning

Video Games and Aggression

Video Game Benefits

Video Games and Visual Attention Benefits

Video Games – Suite101: Video & Online Games Articles –

Video Games and Violence

Violent Video Games and the Brain

Violent Video Games Suppress Emotion

Yoga and Depression